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The Colorado Chamber Orchestra will perform an avant-garde Concerto for Orchestra: Todmorden 513
April 12, 2013, 10:58 am
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I have just received a press release announcing that the Colorado Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Thomas Blomster, will perform an avant-garde Concerto for Orchestra at the King Center on the Auraria campus. The work to be performed is entitled Todmorden 513. The press release below, combined with an excerpt from the CCO website, will provide more information of this unique event, including the performers and the composer.

Todmorden 513 is a unique contemporary composition of an hours duration for orchestra. It is 513 measures long and is a Concerto for Orchestra, with each of the 50 string, woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians performing an individual solo part. These solo parts are in turn each a part of a trio or quartet, all joining together to form the orchestra.

“The Colorado Chamber Orchestra is very excited to present this enigmatic, mysterious, genre-bending music and would like to record and document this event for posterity.

“Progressive Orchestra Music Festival featuring an international collaboration performing the world premiere of German composer and touch guitarist Markus Reuter’s Todmorden 513 and Colorado composer, violinist, and electric guitarist Greg Walker’s Global Solstice. King Center Concert Hall, Auraria Campus, 855 Lawrence Way, Denver, CO 80204.

“A German composer. An American orchestrator. An Estonian film-maker. A Spanish graphic artist, Facebook, the World Wide Web, Internet, Skype conferencing. Finale music-writing/editing program, avant-garde progressive rock bands, King Crimson and Stickmen. Pledgemusic crowd-fundraising. Grammy-award winning guitarist-composer Dave Torn. Todmorden 513 is a twenty-first century project that, over the past year, has united artists of varied disciplines from around the world. Next week’s world premiere and companion recording is the culmination of an international collaboration that could only have happened in the technological age. Yet, the crucial component in its realization was direct human interaction, communication and trust developed over time as strangers became friends and colleagues in working toward a common goal.”

The Three Maestros:
Thomas Blomster, Markus Reuter and Greg Walker are masters of their craft. Their wide-ranging interests and explorations in music create multi-faceted works which defy categorization. They personify the concept that music knows no boundaries.

When: Concert, Thursday, April 18, 2013, 7:30 PM

Where: King Center Concert Hall, 855 Lawrence Way Room 131. Denver, CO 80204 (Auraria Campus). Phone sales: 303-556-2296. Online sales: http://ahec.interticket.com/search.php

Tickets: $12, $10 groups/seniors, CU Students $5.00

Website: for more information http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/todmorden513-world-premiere-recording
Thomas A. Blomster, Music Director, Colorado Chamber Orchestra blomster@cochamberorchestra.org, 970-690-5512

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